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HTC Sync 3

Sync der Galerie geht nicht

How to change the default paths for HTC Desire HD or other HTC phones running HTC Sync 3.0 After much annoyance I have worked out how to change the default paths for HTC Desire HD or other HTC phones running HTC Sync 3.0. Why the developers of HTC Sync didn't put an option for this in the interface is completely beyond me.

In order to change the default photo gallery and documents sync locations of HTC Sync 3.0 all you need to do is edit an .s3db file which can be done with SQLite Administrator. You can download SQLite Administrator from here SQLite Administrator - International Milestone Beta

Firstly make sure you have done at least one sync and exit HTC sync (check in the taskbar that it is not floating in the background).

Once you have extracted the zip to a folder, run it and open the following SQLite database file which is created by HTC Sync. C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Roaming\HTC\Database\UPCT_DB.s3db This is on a Windows 7 machine, the path may be slightly different on other Windows flavours. Just search your profile for the UPCT_DB.s3db file. You need to have syncronized at least once to get your phone loaded into the database.

Follow the following steps.

  • Click on the 'edit data' tab
  • Open the tables tree view and click on the 'tPhone' table.
  • You should see 2 IMEI entries for your phone, not sure why 2 but anyway we go on.
  • Click into the table and arrow right until you get to the 'PhotoPath' column.
  • Update the path to whatever you want for Windows 7 I went with 'C:\Users\My Username\Pictures\Phone'
  • Click on the tick button to commit the change to the file.
  • I also updated the second IMEI entry just to be sure.
  • The next column to the right is the default Documents path, change this in the same manner if you want to.
  • Close SQLite adminitrator

That's it. Run HTC Sync - in gallery it still displays 'File will be saved to /My Photos/Device Camera Shots/ but the data will in fact sync to the new path you have entered.

I am so happy to have that fixed its been bugging me since the first day I got my DHD.